Keeping your lawn healthy and green during the summer takes some work, especially in areas with long, hot summers. Increase your odds of achieving this goal by keeping the following summer lawn maintenance tips in mind.

1. Water in the Morning

Generally, lawns need about an inch of water per week. The only exception is if you are experiencing a long string of hot, humid, rain-free days. Sprinkler use is beneficial as long as you adjust the settings based on the type of grass you have, soil type, and climate. Having your sprinkler system inspected to make sure it is functioning properly is a good idea. When using a hose, water evenly and avoid over-watering. As for when to water, in the morning between 6am and 10am is best. During this time, there’s less evaporation from the sun’s heat. You’ll also have fewer issues with fungal growth and disease with morning watering.

2. Mow Regularly Using a Higher Blade Height

Before you start mowing, have your blades sharpened. Duller blades are more likely to rip and shred grass, not cut it. Make sure the blades are set to a higher height. About three to four inches is good for summer lawns. Taller grass is more resistant to stress from higher temperatures and dry spells. Short grass is more susceptible to mold growth. Sticking to a regular mowing schedule can also help control weed growth naturally and reduce reliance on weedkillers.

3. Re-use Grass Clippings

Re-using grass clippings maintains moisture levels between mowings. This type of summer lawn maintenance can also help put essential nutrients back into your lawn and the soil below it. For times when you’re not getting much rain, this type of mulch can also provide shade and keep soil temps in check. An easy way to complete this task is with a lawnmower that automatically allows clippings to return to the grass during mowing.

4. Be Smart About High Traffic Summer Lawn Maintenance

Even with regular watering, mowing, and mulching, lawns are susceptible to damage in high traffic areas. If the damage is minor, making an effort to stay off of worn spots may be all that’s needed to allow for new growth. Should some spots end up completely worn from high traffic, consider covering them up with stepping stones or pavers. Create an attractive pattern or a pathway to your flowerbeds or another favorite spot so the placement looks natural.

5. Hold Off on Re-Seeding and Fertilizing

There’s a reason why re-seeding wasn’t mentioned as a solution for damage or wear in high traffic areas. This is because conditions aren’t ideal for entirely new growth in the summer. Over-fertilizing in the summer can be just as hazardous to your lawn’s health. Doing so can give you an abundance of tender growth that may end up struggling during hot, dry days. A better time to take care of re-seeding and fertilization is late summer shortly before autumn arrives. But if you are mowing and watering responsibly and minimizing lawn traffic, odds are good you’ll enjoy a healthy, green lawn throughout the summer.

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