Are you interested in making your home more organized? Getting rid of clutter in your home does not have to be a stress-filled event that takes weeks to get through. Knowing how to declutter your home relies on just a few key tips and tricks to help streamline the process and get your home in order.

The Ultimate Guide to Declutter Your Home Quickly and Easily

The important thing to remember before you start is to focus on small steps instead of getting overwhelmed with all of the work ahead. When you break down your decluttering into sections, the whole process is more manageable.

Step 1: Find the Right Time

The first step in learning how to declutter your home is discovering the right time. If you try to do it when you are already busy and rushed, you are just going to get frustrated. Skip trying to declutter right before you move or have a houseguest over. Instead, plan on setting aside a whole weekend when you have nothing else to do.

Step 2: Create a Plan for How to Declutter Your Home

It is tempting to jump right in, but first take a step back and logically think about how you are going to declutter. Plan to go room by room in a scheduled order. Finishing the most cluttered room first is a good way to feel accomplished and motivated to continue.

Step 3: Make a Sorting System

To declutter, look at each item you own and put it into one of four categories. These categories should always include keep, store, throw away, and donate. It is helpful to have bins or boxes as you sort instead of just throwing things into piles.

Step 4: Learn to Rethink How You View Belongings

When you declutter your home, the goal is to get rid of a lot of things, but it can be tough to let go. Remember to think about how often you use an item; it may not be worth keeping if you have not used it in the last six months. Avoid hanging onto things in the hopes they will be useful eventually and only keep things you truly love or need.

Step 5: Start With Flat Surfaces

In each room you go to, start with the big, flat surfaces like the floor, your bed, countertops, coffee table, or nightstands. This is helpful because it quicklym helps you feel like you are accomplishing something and it gives you plenty of room for the next step.

Step 6: Go Through Storage Areas Next

The next step on your mission to declutter your home is the tricky part. Go through each piece of storage furniture drawer by drawer and then tackle the closets.

Step 7: Find a Place for Everything

Your final step after sorting everything into your boxes is following through on the categorizations. Throw trash in the bins, drop off donatable items at a thrift store, tidily store items in your now empty drawers and cabinets, and find a spot for anything you want to leave sitting out. So that you don’t have to declutter again, remember to always put things back where they belong and try not to accumulate more things that you don’t need.

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