Important Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays

On average, there are nearly 374,000 house fires each year. Of these, almost half of them occur during the winter. This is because there are more fire hazards in your home when you’re celebrating the holidays. Here are 5 fire safety tips for the holidays to help to keep you and your family safe.

1. Remember to Water Your Tree

When choosing your tree, make sure you select one that’s not dry. Test it first by shaking it to see if the needles fall off. A fresh tree will have flexible branches that aren’t brittle.

Once you bring the tree home, keep it hydrated. Your tree can catch on fire easily if it becomes too dry. One of the biggest fire safety tips for the holidays to remember is to keep the tree away from any heat source like fireplaces, candles, and space heaters.

2. Keep an Eye on String Lights

If you’re going to have string lights hanging up or on the tree, you need to be attentive. First of all, check the condition of string lights before you use them. Any strings with frayed wires should be thrown away, and any missing bulbs should be replaced.

When you’re not home, unplug all lights. Problems with extension cords and electrical sockets being overloaded can cause a fire. That’s why it’s better to be safe than sorry by unplugging everything when you aren’t home and when you go to sleep for the night. Powering down at night is just one of many easy fire safety tips for the holidays.

3. Don’t Leave the Stove Unattended

During the holidays, time in the kitchen increases. Not only are people cooking holiday feasts for their families, but they’re also baking cookies and treats. Any time you go into the kitchen to make something, you need to stay there. Too many people leave whatever they’re cooking unattended. Stove tops, microwaves, and ovens can all catch fire if you’re not careful.

4. Blow Out Candles

Candle are popular decorations during the holidays. If you’re going to light a candle, you need to stay in the same room with it or blow it out if you leave. Never fall asleep while a candle is lit.

Candles can be knocked over, come into contact with flammable material left near it, or burn down to wax which can leak on a table, sparking a fire. Buy enclosed candle holders for your candles, or even better, use battery-powered candles that look real.

5. Keep Fire Hazards Out of Hands of Children

Children love to play with anything that they can get their hands on. This includes lighters and matches, and there have been deadly fires as a result. Around the holidays, lighters and matches tend to be left out more as people use them to light candles.

Whenever you’re done using anything that can start a fire, put it out of reach of children. One of the most important holiday fire safety tips is simply keeping an eye on your young children to make sure they’re not getting into anything which could cause a fire.

Keep Your Family Safe With Holiday Safety Tips

You can prevent fires if you stay vigilant, eliminate fire hazards, and follow these fire safety tips for the holidays. A.I.M for Real Estate Inspections wishes you happy and safe holidays!